From the Dutch East India Company to Standard Oil to Google, corporations have played a shaping role in American history. And as they have grown, society has demanded they play some role in mitigating the harm they cause, particularly in pollution and maltreatment of workers. Today, corporations have such a great influence that we expect them to enact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to not cause harm to our society, but particularly with tech powers, social issues have become so complex that it is hard to know for sure what negative effects they may cause. These new tech powers bring new issues, such as gentrification and inequality, that are much more complex to address and assign blame to. In helping to mitigate these issues, companies would be enacting more corporate governance than CSR. Is that something they should be doing? Would it benefit corporations, and would it benefit society? And if were to be implemented, how should it be integrated into the corporations?


Keywords: business, corporate social responsibility, corporate history, technology, technology corporations, gentrification, inequality, corporate governance, social sector, history