Technology has revolutionized the way we live.  From the smartphones we carry everywhere to the powerful search engines offering seemingly unlimited knowledge to social media allowing us to share information (and perhaps collecting more than we intended). The benefits appear obvious, but the costs are multifaceted and complex.  In Project 1, "Apple and Eve:  Revering Technology as God," I explore how in the modern age, it appears that for some people, faith in science has replaced religion, while at the same time taking on many religious qualities.  I delve into questions of why humans often crave faith, and what effect this newfound reverence for science could have on the human psyche.  I then spent time exploring the resources at the library and deciding on my next topic, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tech sector. As I developed my slide deck, I researched how corporations and CSR in the U.S.  developed, and how important CSR is in the modern age with the incredibly powerful tech companies.  I further develop this idea in Project 3, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Can Corporations Become the Modern Day Superheroes?" by exploring the complicated ways tech companies impact the social sector and what new CSR initiatives can be implemented to solve tech's problems and utilize its unique capabilities. Through the lenses of scientific spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility, I have broadened my knowledge about the costs and benefits of technology, allowing me to better understand the complexities of this force that is transforming our society, whether we want it to or not. 

In Project 1,  I explore the opposition of science and religion, and how they may now be merging. Why do humans crave meaning?  How does this new faith in science alter the human psyche?  And what are the implications of this faith in technology?  Through writing and research,  I delve deep into these mysteries as the continuous rise of technology makes them ever more pervasive.

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In Project 2,  I investigate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tech sector.  I begin with a history of corporations and CSR initiatives, then delve into the complex, multifaceted issues of the tech sector that make CSR  in this industry much more complicated.  Through case studies and theoretical propositions, I explore how these companies can utilize their power and capabilities to make  strong, sustainable social change. 

In Project 3,  I explore the power that tech companies have and the social issues that may arise alongside their growth.  I begin with a history of corporations in the U.S and the rise of CSR, then discuss how CSR could evolve to help mitigate some of the issues that huge tech powers cause.  In this way, I explore under what circumstances  corporations could continue to enact CSR independent of government intervention,  and do good while also making profit.