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Serious Business Things

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am a serious business professional.

I currently work as a Business Operations Analyst at LinkedIn, where I make many spreadsheets, write loads of SQL, help teams communicate, and learn just how many acronyms there are in tech.

Besides Excel, my other passions include social enterprise and alternative education, which I channel through the non-profit I co-founded Connect-In-Place (CIP, I launched CIP in the midst of the pandemic to provide a free virtual program for 5,000 kids and counting to explore their passions and build friendships with peers and mentors - first to combat COVID isolation, and now to empower kids from all backgrounds. We've been featured in NBC, CBS, and Harvard Business Publishing - pretty neato :) 

My current goals are to strengthen my technical capabilities (particularly coding), develop my UX skills (mostly through some side projects), and ensure that I am always around experiences and people who challenge me to learn more. 

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