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Skills Demonstrated:

I launched a free virtual program that connected kids with peers and college student mentors through fun, interactive classes.


So far, Connect-In-Place (CIP) has served over 5,000 kids in 45 countries, with 540 classes taught by 460 college students. We have also raised $30K in donations to provide laptops to kids with financial need.


Featured in:

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1. Leadership & Collaboration

Motivated and guided a team of 28 operations members, 460 instructors, and 116 interns

2. Scrappy & Quick Learner

Self-taught all aspects of running a non-profit, including recruitment, legal, PR, HR, & fundraising

3. Action Oriented

Strategized & launched extensions including laptop donation, enrichment events, & instructor training

Product Marketing (APMM) Intern


My project,"SMB Trailblazers of the New Normal," investigated and communicated how SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) were adapting to the pandemic using Salesforce. 


After a month of careful preparation, including creating a full customer journey, I sourced over 170 SMB customers, led conversations, and then created 21 customer storytelling assets leveraged across product marketing, sales, and service. 

Based on the quality and significance of my work, I was selected to present my go-to-market strategy recommendations to the 300-person SMB business unit and executives. 


Skills Demonstrated:

1. Presentation

Presented my findings & recommendations to the 300-person SMB business unit & executives

2. Strategic Thinking

Devised plans that influenced internal features, positioning, & go-to-market strategies

3. Communication

Led outreach and conversations with valuable customers, often joined by the SVP

Product Marketing Intern

Coupa Software


Skills Demonstrated:

At Coupa, my original project fell through, so I took the initiative to source and execute on pressing projects. I began by proactively offering assistance to my co-workers, and after proving the quality of my work, gaining ownership over these high-impact projects. 

My work was highly cross-functional, so I learned how to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

1. Data Analysis

Analyzed data via Excel on the annual summit, recommended 3 key growth opportunities to execs

2. Project Management

Ran a project that increased mid-stage conversion by 7.9x with Salesforce APIs & Smart Pages

3. Cross-Functional Collaboration

Worked with leadership across several teams to develop a new hire sales enablement webpage

Product Management Intern

NG, Inc.


Skills Demonstrated:

At NG, Inc. I had the invaluable experience of building a brand from start to finish. I was hired as essentially a guinea pig to figure out how to create and promote a brand called ActivHealth.


From learning how to use Amazon's storefront builder to running advertisements, I learned from beginning to end how to create a brand that will succeed. 

The first year after launch, ActivHealth generated $5.1 million in revenue.

1. Self-Driven

Developed & launched a brand on Amazon and Shopify with minimal oversight

2. SEO & A/B Testing

Optimized product listings, advertisements, and webpage content

3. Data Visualization

Researched & communicated product benefits in marketing materials

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