Research Arc 3

Arc 3: The effects of huge tech corporations on our society

  • How much power and influence do these corporations have on our lives?

  • What impact has these corporations had on our lives?

  • What problems arise with this consolidation of power? What have been the effects, good or bad or somewhere in between?”

  • What are companies currently doing with the great power they have? Are they using it to their own advantage? What CSR or philanthropic initiatives are already in place?



  • How much power these companies have in terms of political and social sway, what their net worth is. How does money correspond with power in social, economic, and political influence of these companies?

  • How do people feel about these companies? Nowadays, people have a sort of affection towards some companies, as if they’re people. They also have a hatred towards others. What determines how people feel towards these companies?

  • What have been the impacts that are the direct or indirect effect of corporations? How, if at all, can these impacts be measured or quantified? What complex relationships exist between corporations and civilians?

  • In the past, government has worked to break up monopolies, corporations with too much power, why have they not done that today? Would it cause a public uproar? Are these tech companies gaining power and profit in a fair way, while before companies did so in an unfair way?

    • What restrictions are currently on companies?

  • What are companies doing, deliberately and unintentionally, to change the US or world?

  • Are any companies abusing their power?

  • What are companies required to do in terms of mitigating negative impacts they have? What environmental and social restrictions are in place (as remnants of the manufacturing industry’s power), and what, if any, restrictions are in place for problems caused specifically by the tech sector?

  • What CSR initiatives are currently in place by different companies? What motivated these companies to have CSR initiatives? What effect have these initiatives had?



  • How corporations have influenced the economy, politics, the social sector

  • In what ways people interact with companies, how people feel about them, what determines how people feel about them

    • Is a company liked or disliked because of the social good it does? Is it because of marketing tactics? Is it somewhat random?

  • How people’s relationships and conceptions of businesses have changed, and the reasons there has been change

  • The impact of the growing power of the corporate sector

    • Do the social initiatives these companies push outweigh the costs of their negative effects?

    • Can corporations be more effective at creating positive social change than government in some cases?

    • Should corporations have the power to create change or should they be limited?

  • Should there be more restrictions to break up corporations’ power? New policies to reflect this drastic change in power structure? How do we analyze and create new policy for such a radically different corporate power structure?



Ideas and Significance:

  • With this new era of corporate power, should we play by new rules? Even inadvertently, corporations can worsen societal problems such as inequality because of how highly valued their services are, allowing them to pay workers increasingly high salaries

  • Are these jobs really worth the extremely high salaries they pay? Is that fair and conductive to growth, or does it just create a inequality gap that represses most of our workforce, allowing only kids of the rich who can afford the best education and opportunities to find success

  • Should corporations have the power and influence that they do, or should we find some way to limit it? In what ways, if any, should power be limited? Should the pay higher taxes, with a certain amount going to fix societal problems they contribute to? Should they not be allowed to grow past a certain point and not be allowed a monopoly on the market? Is it possible for such laws to be enforced?

  • What current CSR initiatives are in place, and which are working? How can we even measure effects of CSR initiatives, as many issues are multifaceted and cannot be easily measured? What CSR initiatives should be replicated and expanded upon? Are these CSR initiatives profitable, in the short and long term? What does it take to implement them?

  • How can we make doing good sustainable for businesses and our society? How can we mitigate and reverse the damage done to the environment, if at all? How can we address labor law issues, inequality, gentrification, and other world problems?