Self-Assessment 1

I thought the "Ever After" article was the most interesting, as it offered a perspective I hadn't really thought of before. The other articles, although interesting, was not very surprising, as I had learned about or could predict much of the technology. However, it was the viewpoint in "Ever After" was fascinating, as it actually criticized humans for wanting to live forever, and talked as if it were human's fatal flaw, a product of conceit. It also brought up the point that humans feared immortal beings like vampires, viewing them as parasites, so why would they want to become like these very things?

In terns of skills and techniques, I thought the discussions were interesting, as it helped us develop our views and not get stuck in our first idea, but be forced to delve into a variety of subjects before picking one. 

Keyword Search Terms:

  • History of the Internet

  • Internet and Human Psychology, Psyche, Brain Changes

  • Trolls, Power of Anonymity

  • Memes, Ideas, Art

  • News, Information

  • Millenials

  • Technology

  • Development

  • Internet Age

  • Finance, Financial Crisis

I would like to develop my research skills, getting better at finding and incorporating evidence into my writing. I would like to learn how to find the most reputable sources and how to dissect them and connect the information in them to other sources and ideas.